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My name is Honey

People at Starbucks call me Bonnie or Connie, which is okay. Calling out Honey would’ve been awkward, I get it. I like long walks on the beach. I really, do. That is until my calf starts to cramp. Which may be sooner than I think because I’m not the fittest person in the room. In any room.


I love to travel and write about it.

I live in the US as a Permanent Resident which means that my travel planning is not as easy as it is for those who are citizens. There’s a little bit more research and paperwork, but it’s doable.

I don’t see many blogs cover this so I want to share my experiences and help other immigrants out. If you happen to be a US Permanent Resident travel blogger too, hit me up and let’s make friends.

You can navigate the site via the bar menu at the top or the links at the side bar. Feel free to explore.

Why that damn honey, though?

Honestly? It was a very old chat sn that just stuck. I’m also that one family member that’s always doing something wrong and getting herself into trouble. It seemed appropriate. I’ll be honest, not much has changed.

Work with me!

If you live or travel out of the Los Angeles area, I would love to collab with you.

If you’d like to hire a writer to provide content for your website, I can provide content in travel for US Permanent Residents, including information for US citizens as well. Secondary to that, I work in the fashion industry and can provide insight into a career path in the field.

You can contact me at shes [@] thatdamnhoney.com.


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