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2019, Welcome Aboard.

Well, fuck me if I don’t write a post on Jan 1st, right?

Honestly, we all know that it would be of no consequence, but not doing so almost felt like I was just continuing to ignore something about me for so long and being an ass about it.

Couple holding fireworks for the New Year
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Every Year, Every Change

Every year, there’s always something worth changing or tweaking. Small updates here and there, even if things are going great. Small changes keep things from going stagnant.

I know that “new year, new me” is such a gross overstatement of the changes most of us really make with every cycle and most of us are likely sick of hearing it and seeing it on Instagram every NYE.

I was just discussing this with a friend and he was very adamant that everyone who said anything of the like was essentially a dumbass who needed to shut up. I laughed along and agreed because my feed was full of it as well, also knowing that I myself have been those people time and again.

It’s hard not to get caught up in the madness.

Catch Your Bullshit Before Someone Else Does

Safe to say that 2018 for me was a blur. Looking back on my posts, it seems that I didn’t even bother to write anything when 2018 hit. My last New Year post was in 2017.

Maybe I saw nothing of value with it at the time, but here I am again. I see value in doing something on New Year’s Day regardless of how bullshit New Year’s Resolutions tend to be.

I debated a little with my friend over this. While I understood and agreed with his sour position over all the “I’m gonna be the bestest in 2019!” type posts all over Instagram, I was not skeptical over the spirit of it.

I felt that he was being a contrarian simply for the sake of it. So he can claim not to be part of the masses, to be smarter and better than them, and to be able to say that he’s not like most people.

But when I’m talking about bullshit, I’m not talking about call him out on his bullshit. That does nothing for me, although I do hope it does something for him at some point in his life.

And why catch it before someone else does? I mean, who cares what anyone thinks right? Well, because realising it on your own feels much better than being called out for it. And also because, in my opinion, once you get called out for it, that means you’ve been swimming in this bile for way too long that people around you are smelling it.

Been guilty of it myself. Just saying… instead of waiting for someone else to hold up the mirror to your face, you could DIY that moment and just… get it done because we all can. If we just took some time for ourselves.

Writing in a journal for self reflection.
Photo by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash

It’s Just Another Anniversary

I told him that I still appreciate everyone who takes the time to make their new year’s resolutions as overdone and under-accomplished the list usually seems to be.

New Year’s is a great time for self-reflection and goal setting because it’s such a huge public holiday – how can you miss it? And with the world basically doing just about the same thing, it’s a prime opportunity to take part in the spirit, take a breath, and really look at yourself and what you’ve done – good or bad – in the past year.

What would you change? Is there something you want to experience? What would you ensure to keep the same?

And while any date can really serve this function, doing it in a global setting can help build some excitement over it. I mean, hey, everyone is having a fucking party over the idea that we can start new, create a 1-year time bomb of a bucket list of self-promises, and kissing the nearest person as some sort of pinky promise to the world.


Cheers with wine glasses to your friends and family.
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