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My Cosy Night In Essentials

Tis the season to get cosy, snuggle up, and get some indoor quiet time now that the cold is coming in and you won’t wanna be outdoors… said no one in SoCal!

To be honest, this is the time of the year that I’m gearing up all my plans because the blazing heat is slowly simmering down into friendly beach weather. However, some nights may still be perfect for some me-time and who doesn’t love that?

It’s rarely ever cold in SoCal, but it’s cool enough for a date night in the fall. Try these ideas.

I’m definitely planning a few nights on my own and know exactly what I need. The purpose of this post is not at all to be your lifestyle guide on how to do it yourself but to share what I do for my own comfort and maybe give you some ideas.

Set The Mood

Cosy Night In Bedroom

Set the mood for your relaxation.

First thing’s first: set the mood. This takes a little bit of prep if you haven’t already decorated your home or room to follow. It really depends on what you prefer. Not everyone is about candles and classical music. Personally, I’m planning on dim lighting and horror movies.

Fairy Lights / Dim lighting

My amazon echo totally helps with this. With dimmable light bulbs and fairy lights that I set up in random rooms, this is how I usually do life after work hours. Back in my own apartment, it was only when I was cooking that I had any of the built-in lights on full blast. Otherwise, I stuck to my fairy lights and some ambient music once in my home. Cosy level: 100.

Soft Pillows & A Cuddly blanket

Assuming you’re luckier than SoCal and get even somewhat slightly chilly weather, I feel like a blanket is a must for these cosy nights in. I tend to use my yoga blanket because its weave makes you warm enough, and it’s light enough to just transport around the house with you if you wanna switch rooms.

Sometimes I start off in the living room and end up in the kitchen where I have a Japanese style setup for our breakfast nook.

Cosy bedroom for a night in.

Turn your room into a cosy home-y environment.

Relax Melodies App

I have purchased a bundle set of the Relax Melodies app years ago. I love this app and it has a large range of sounds that you can customize into your own desired mood.

There are some presets made by other users that you can start using immediately and varies from ambient noises related to the city, tropical beaches, camping, and even by season.

I usually set up my own mix by scrolling through the available sounds letting it play in the background.

Alt: Echo Skills for ambience

Alternatively, if you have an Alexa/Echo, you can skip downloading/purchasing a new app and just enable a skill. Two ambient sounds skills I use are Ambient Noise and Sleep Sounds.

Each one has its own set of ambient sound options. I’ve used Rainforest, Beach, Camping Rain, Fireplace, and Forest Night sounds and they are all so amazingly soothing.

Pick What You Want To Do

Fabulous App

Want to take some time to focus on yourself? The Fabulous app specializes in this. This isn’t necessarily an app that requires you to spend hours using it

Libby App

Honestly, I read a lot of horror books to relax. I’ve recently been starting, since it is the season anyway, to watch horror movies. There’s something about the scares that make it all about cuddling. But that’s for a cosy night in when with someone you trust!

You’ve probably seen a lot of ads for Audible, which is perfect if you have to have the newest titles available. However, if you have some not-so-new titles you wanted to read/listen to, try the Libby app (US). This app has both books and audiobooks available for free, using your US library card. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your couch.

The word cosy seems to go hand in hand with books, if not the aforementioned blanket. Find yourself a good book to curl up with or an audiobook to listen to while you redecorate your dream room. There are a lot available from fiction to self-help to business guides.

If you’re not in the US, I do suggest researching to see if your local libraries have an app. I was only made aware of our app by doing some research. It was not heavily marketed.

Alt: Turn on your TV/Device

If you’d rather just zone out completely and make a movie night out of it, then open up your favourite streaming apps.

Matter of fact, your local library probably has an app for free movie rentals as well, so check on that. It’s probably listed in the resources section of your library’s website.

Reading a book while on a hammock.

You can take it outside and read a book on a hammock.

Pick Your Poison

This cosy night in can be anything you want it to be.

On cold nights, I’ve made myself hot cocoa to wind down or coffee for a late night later on.

On warm nights, I’ve totally opened a bottle of wine, spiked my lemonade, or made myself a margarita. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could totally experiment with new cocktail recipes from Pinterest.

Relax and Settle In!

At the risk of sounding like a detox, I’m gonna say, put your phone on DND and get on with your night!

I’ve totally fallen into the trap of replying to one message that turns into a full-blown group conversation or I follow a link to a rabbit hole of YouTube videos.

Don’t lose focus. This night is about you. Not about the plans you need to make, the events you need to plan, or the obligations you have to complete. It’s not necessarily a digital detox, but make it a moment to be with yourself for just a little while.

You don’t always have to stay in! Here are some ideas for enjoying SoCal autumn outdoors.

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