Favourite movies to watch in October

One of the things I love about the season is watching Halloween movies. It’s just one of the signals of autumn for me. I’ll watch anything from Disney family movies or outright horror.

A lot of the time, I’m watching family friendly movies because I’m usually spending time with family. To add to that, I have a sibling who hates ghost stories and a mom who hates zombie movies, and slasher-porn movies just hated all around the fam, that leaves a very obvious safe space for us all.

October Autumn MoviesIt’s Fall and movies are perfect for an October night in.

Halloween Must-Watch Movies

I previously posted about my hunt for Friendsgiving themes trying to consider what type of entertainment I could have playing in the background. I’ve decided on 5 movies which range from PG to R rated.

No kids will be present, but everyone loves some good nostalgia.

Hocus Pocus

Not to be that person, but I feel like you’d have to be really out of touch to not know about this movie. If you’re young, you’re likely to have seen it playing every year all of your life as Hocus Pocus has been a staple of ABC every October.

BUT… Just in case you haven’t heard, this is a kids movie about 3 witches who got banished and have now returned and are on the hunt to consume energies of the local children. It’ll be up to the kids who accidentally released them to fix what they broke.

The Craft

This is a classic for us who went to school in the 90s. This story hit home for so many girls and was such a force that when the cast surprised the audience at a Cinespia Halloween screening of The Craft a few years back, the crowd went nuts. I was there and I felt so blessed.

Three outcasts find a fourth for their coven and their powers suddenly become reality. But being high school kids, of course they go nuts and everything goes downhill.


This is the newest movie on this list, because I’m referring to the latest remake of this book.

As one of my favourite stories, I never actually got to see the TV miniseries until I was an adult. I hated it. Tim Curry aside, I really felt like the cast could’ve done better with the acting. We know they’re all capable of it.

Times have obviously changed with acting styles because the new cast of IT was amazing. I’m really hoping for great things for the sequel.

Practical Magick

A tale of two wiccan sisters: a reliable mom of two and a freebird loose canon get into big trouble when they accidentally kill an abusive boyfriend and a detective comes looking for answers… is somehow an adorable and entertaining plot for romance.

I love this movie. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman make such cute sisters and I love the exploration of their relationships to each other, to their faith, and their family history.


I love Christina Ricci and this is probably the most wholesome I’ll ever see her. Bill Pullman is also the most adorable dad ever.

Basically, Dad on the hunt for dead mom’s ghost moves the family into a haunted house to research life on the other side. Young ghost boy gets a crush on teenage daughter, ghosts make friends with the family, until evil people try to kill everyone. Sounds plausible, works for me.

“Can I keep you?”

When October Hits

Cosy Movie Night EssentialsCosy Movie Night Essentials

Do you miss when they used to air the making of Thriller every halloween? I always looked forward to that. I recall the first year it wasn’t aired and I was in a little bit of a daze. The season just didn’t feel complete without it. Yes, I was an adult, but I still had a little bit of a struggle adjusting to it. I’m used to it now, but I feel a little bit ripped off on the holiday without it. At least I’m guaranteed Hocus Pocus!

In the meantime, I’m thinking I’ll buy what I don’t already over. I have a *gasp* DVD of The Craft and Practical Magick, because of course I do. How could I not? It’s about time I gather up the rest and get ready for a mini-screening for a cosy night in on my own.

Don’t feel like staying in? Here are some ideas for fall events in LA.

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