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How I Deal With Los Angeles Autumn

It’s a real big joke that Los Angeles Autumn doesn’t exist. Actually, Los Angeles seasons are a real big joke to most people outside of it. While they’re not exactly wrong, they’re not exactly right either. Even with that in mind, a lot of things have changed in the last decade alone that has us Angelenos re-adjusting to our current climate. It’s honestly not what it used to be.

Los Angeles Autumn: Then Vs. Now

What It Used To Be

Los Angeles Autumn was something I used to look forward to every time of the year. Not only were all the school breaks/work vacations coming up, but the weather was what I’d been waiting for all year.

I loved the cool breeze in the air, having the option to wear my favourite pieces of clothing, getting some rain, and really starting to feel the beginning of the holiday season.

I looked forward to wearing my pea coats and boots. I wore beanies and bubble jackets. While more people preferred the summer outfits, it was autumn where I felt the most fashionably cute. I love scarves, leg warmers, booties, and fingerless gloves.

Granted that the versions that I wore were lighter weight than those in colder climates, but that’s why I enjoyed them. Los Angeles Autumn never hit the extremes.

What It Is Now

Current Los Angeles Autumn is basically… Summer.

Those jokes about us not having any seasons have become such an unwelcome reality within the last 5 years. I feel like summer has been here for at least 3 years straight.

Currently, autumn has been officially underway for over a week. Yet, here I sit in a tank top and booty shorts, writing about autumn in 80 degree weather.

How Do I Deal?

I love love love Halloween. I get excited about the possibility of the color of the leaves changing, retail decor shifting towards the oranges and browns. I am giddy at the thought of taking walks in the chilly air with a coffee in one hand, my boyfriend’s hand in the other.

That doesn’t exactly happen in this weather. Because of that, I do take some liberties and play with some cheats in order to get my hit of autumn even Los Angeles.

  • I make plans for evenings only.

  • Keeping this in mind, I get to avoid the summer heat of the daytime. Depending on the location, you can somewhat choose your weather depending on what you want. Which leads me to your options:
  • I head to the coast.

  • This is great if you want a breeze. I will usually pack up a blanket, earphones or Bluetooth speakers, a couple of camping lamps, and a picnic.
  • Not every beach is open after sundown. Check on this before you choose your beach. However, some that claim to be closed have some lax rules and you’ll see people hanging around well into the night.
  • I head to higher ground.

    I’ll usually choose this option if I’m looking for a date night involving restaurants, movies, or plazas. It’s a bit cooler up in the hills than it is in the valleys.
    A plus to this is that these locations are usually less populated and cheaper to hang out in. Parking is usually free and ample. Restaurants are less full and the walking areas are not as packed, but still populated enough to not be creepy.

  • I decorate my home to follow

    I didn’t used to decorate for autumn, but that was because the season actually happened. The last few years, the holidays have snuck up on me because I don’t feel the change in the seasons.
    I’m definitely one of those people who love the local dollar stores and they have a lot of seasonal decor that can actually last for years. Make sure not to overbuy just because the price is right. Really think about what’ll set the mood for you. Even the wrong cheap items can just feel like … wrong… cheap… items.

  • I spend a night in and set up the mood

    I love spending nights in alone. It reminds me of the days when I first got my own apartment, which were really great memories for me.I buy scented candles or oils, decorate in fall colours, and play relevant ambient sounds while I read a book or do my chores. (Plenty of cheap apps for this, but I recommend the Relax Melodies series.)One of my goals is actually to have an awesome bathtub and a DIY table so I can watch tv/read while I sit in bubbles and sip some bubbles.

Here’s to hoping that autumn will show up this year! If not, make it happen for yourself, even in the smallest of ways…

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