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Welcome to the Fobulous Life (of thatdamnhoney)

Ohhh, the old blogging days of the early 2000s…

I’ve been complaining for the last couple of years like a crotchety old millennial that blogging just isn’t what it used to be. That the internet, strangely, isn’t as safe as it used to be.

It used to be us few millennials who were the beginning of the generation. As the number of millennials grew and the awareness and use of the internet spread to both older and younger generations, the internet stopped being our own personal playground. We now had to share it with others.

While I’m fully aware that I can continue to gripe about this, as I’m the only author here, I really just don’t want to. I’d rather do something about. Nothing big, but definitely something small.

I’m sectioning a piece of my site to blog like the 2000s.

That means journaling in paragraphs, like an essay. Little to no subheadings, SEO, and marketable formatting. This means telling a story with little purpose other than to … talk story. I want to tell you something without having to sell the idea to you. Not that I’m selling anything in particular on my other blog-friendly-format posts. I just want… to write.

The Fobulous Life

This category existed since the birth of this current blog. One of my earliest posts focused on what I still can’t understand even after all these years of living in America.

At the time, I was just poking my toes into creating blog content and how to make it appeal to today’s blog readers.

The focus was to write about my personal life, away from specific travel, lifestyle, or whatever type of content. Social and reflective observations, interesting things we did or places we saw that day that spoke more from the perspective of how the day was vs making it into an information guide, etc.

Honestly, sometimes even I get bored of that shit. It’s not that I don’t love travel and telling people about it. It’s just not the only thing that interests me and sometimes I just wanna write about how awesome it is to watch my cat stare at me like I’m a boring idiot because I won’t pet him. Because I’m busy blogging. Whatever.

The blog posts will vary intensely. At times, it’ll be a shower thought only slightly too long to post on twitter, so I end up posting on here. Other times, it’ll be an <sarcasm> epic tale of how I got lost on the way to the beach and ended up at a McDonald’s, having given up on the ambition of touching the ocean that day. </sarcasm>?

It is SO likely that none of these blogs will ever be pinnable

But that’s not their point and purpose anyway. This is the category of the domain where I purposely don’t care where it ranks or if I’m speaking out into the void. Ironically, that was the inital reason I signed on to the internet with my dial-up AOL anyway.

Does anyone else do this? Does anyone else out there blog in a livejournal, xanga, vox style anymore? Does anyone still have a geocities or angelfire site? I’m just kidding on that last one. It was great times, but it’s a point I’m glad we moved on from, like leggins and 3 layers of socks in varying colors. I love the look, but as an adult, laundry would be a nightmare.

Oh, WHY is it FOBulous? Why can’t I spell?

Well, because I’m a F.O.B. That is all.

Photo credit: Unsplash | Charles DeLuvio

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