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The Week Abbreviated (vlog)

The last few weeks went by really quickly and I actually figured that a vlog might be better for me on some weeks. I didn’t want to go this week without having posted something. It’s really not in my goals and I’m trying to be better at hitting the marks on that.

I like blogging more than vlogging

I’ve gotta face it: convenience is key. Sometimes, all I can really give is a quick recap and this is what this week is gonna be all about.

I’ve got a vacation coming up real quick and I’m probably going to  do a quick recap there, as well. I have too many videos of past vacations that I have still failed to post, even though I have finished videos. I’m thinking I’ll need to focus on those for the next few blog posts just so my hard work doesn’t go to waste.

This past weekend

I promised my friends that I would join them in a potluck where we make vision boards. It was cute. It was girly. Definitely not something I do often, but I did have a good time. I was never good at crafts! But how can I not enjoy a group like those girls? Always so sweet and welcoming. Good times are guaranteed.

The next day was a complete bust in that my day got rained out. My dog has training classes, but because of the weather lately, it’s been getting cancelled/postponed a lot.

I do love the rain though, and it’s bringing out so much green in SoCal. I cannot get too angry at it. Although, we really need to focus on fixing up the roads and the sewer system to be able to handle all this rain. We act like it doesn’t rain every year, but when I look back on my FB status posts, it seems to be pretty consistent. We’ve had some tragedies because of the rain and it would be great if we could have rain and skip the accidents.

I will be doing a vacation vlog!

This is a definite, after learning my weakness of never posting my old videos, frankly because I take too many clips and end up taking forever editing them. I’m getting to be a bit more selective in taking video so that I don’t end up with too many fillers.

Better, but not 100% solid on how I want to film things yet.

There will be a quick recap vlog posted upon my return, and more in-depth segments to come. We will be going to Hawaii and I’ll try to cover as much as I can about the place, but I’m no travel expert. However, I will try to visit as many of my old haunts as I can!

My vlog channel isn’t very consistent

But I’m hoping to change all that. To be honest, my hard drive died last year and it took me months to get it fixed. My vlog ambition died fairly quickly with my hard drive. Now that it’s all fixed up, I’m itching to get back into it again. I have so many vlogs that I need to post, it’s all gonna be back dated and my hair color is going to be switching wildly.

For now, I figure I’d start with the latest week that happened. Granted, I only took vlogs during the weekend, but it’s a start. So, here’s the beginning (again) of my vlog channel. Welcome to my life on video.

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