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Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s Not Meet…

It’s soon to be Valentine’s Day and while I thought of posting some date ideas, outfit ideas, or girly getaway ideas…. I opted instead for a stroll down memory lane. A lane specifically called Dating. Maybe even LA Dating. Most of us have done this, gone through the ritual, then figured out we can make our own ritual, and some of us had too much fun making and breaking all sorts of rules.

While some of us may think we are the exceptions

…the game masters to every game, in hindsight you realize that you’re all playing bit parts in everyone’s stories. And those small moments sometimes get shared to the world.

Like today.

Just for shits and giggles, I’m going to take a quick jog down this road and remember some of the most curious individuals I’ve met along the way. I know that I got really lucky here and none can rival any story I’ve seen on reddit, but they’re worth a raised eyebrow, at least.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, here are the most curious dates I’ve ever had

and thanks for the memories!
  • There was an adorable jewish guy

    • I dated who seemed to be a very sweet gentleman. We had great conversation, had a decent amount of similar interests, and seemed to have a good time. One thing I wasn’t sure I could get over was how he would “mmmm” everytime we kissed. It could be just a thing that he did, but I felt like we were filming for a movie and he was giving some kind of hyper-realism to a scene with that sound effect. We ended for other reasons, but I’m sure glad we did. It just didn’t do it for me.
  • One guy I called Good Luck Chuck

    • because he was friends with many of his ex-girlfriends and often stayed such good friends with them that he attended most of their weddings. It seemed that these girls ended up finding “The One” right after dating him. Poor guy. I liked him, but after learning his history, I had a feeling that he wasn’t where this road was going to end. Seemed like fate.
  • I dated a Nigerian guy

    • who came on very strong right away. Before our first date, he wanted to know my shoe size. [insert bewildered shrug] My friend insisted he was going to buy me shoes and she dated a guy that did the same for a first date. I wasn’t comfortable with that…
  • A sweet guy that I dated was tall, handsome, accomplished, and told me he was looking for The One.

    • Nevermind that I didn’t believe in that, but I was willing to see where it would go. I enjoyed being with him and we had a lot of great moments together. I felt special in his presence. He often stared at me intently. One night at dinner, I finally had to ask him as he stared at me across the table… Why….? And he said that I look just like his favourite porn star.
  • Certainly not least, was a gorgeous Korean girl

    • who was probably the most intriguing of all. It came out on our first date that she was into dominating. I think. I’m hazy on the details. Anyway, she was already in a … relationship?… with another who was her… master? And she was interested in bringing me along as HER sub. Too bad that was in my early days of dating as an adult. I would’ve been much more open to it later on. Oh well.

I honestly cherish all these memories.

Dating was hard for me to fall into, but I ended up going through it with nothing more than a few scrapes and boxes of amazing memories, both good, bad, and wierd. I loved, loved, LOVED dating and I can’t imagine why so many people put it down.

This Valentine’s Day, whether you’re single, in-between, or married… Enjoy the hell out of it because it IS for everyone. Just don’t bother with the crowds, the “special” overpriced menus, and the stupid standards of romance. Do something fun, do something weird… do something FREE. If commercialized V-Day has taught me anything, it’s that we’ve been erroneously told to take it too seriously. Don’t. Go to the beach, the park, or a hiking trail. Do a couple’s photo shoot with a tripod, have a  picnic, or order in a pizza and binge on Stranger Things.

Get creative and make a legit unique memory out of V-Day and out of dating because I am so tired of the sob stories. (Ok, some sob stories are more worthy than others.)

Have a Happy Valentine’s, everyone!

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