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YouTube Top 5: My Favorite Channels

I’m definitely a late bloomer, but I didn’t really get into YouTube until the last year. Subscribing was not really something I had done. I would usually just click on a link someone sent me and that would be it.

Youtube sucked me in….

One day, I called in sick and was stuck in bed with a high fever. Bored, with nothing to do, I clicked on the Youtube app and spent about 18hours watching LEAFtv, which was a suggested channel.
And from there, my whole world just expanded.
These days, I am subscribed to a lot of channels, and will watch depending on my mood. My interests are constantly changing, so I tend to sub and unsub erratically. Still, some channels hold both my interest and my heart. I figure I’d share my current top 5 in definitely no particular order, as I click on each of these almost as soon as they pop up a video.

Grace and Ryosuke

Texan in Tokyo / How I Became Texan
I was watching a lot of Japanese videos on youtube, so this actually came from a YT recommendation. The first video I saw was “Tips for Tricking your Japanese in-laws into Liking you (Part 2)” and I was hooked into her personality from that moment on.
And then… the longer I watched, the more her husband took part in the videos, and I just about died at the amount of cute these two can deliver. They’ve become a regular dinner guest at home and have led us through so many dinner conversations, which they know nothing about.

Simon and Martina

A couple of cartoon characters that left the coloring book for real life, I watch these two mainly for their HUGE personality and style. I honestly thought Simon was 3 different guest stars Martina had during my first day watching their channel. It very slowly dawned on me that he was one person and he was married to Martina. Ooops! He can look so different!
They initially lived in Korea and often vlog about their experiences there, after growing up in Canada. They currently live in Japan and are covering that area for their vlogs. They have plenty of features including travel vlogs, food adventures, and “only in asia”-type finds.

Nün Stannard

I don’t even know how I fell on this girl’s instagram, but I’m willing to bet that it was her blue hair that led me to click and follow. She is a fashion designer that’s recently turned into YT vlogger.
Since she only recently started her channel, I technically shouldn’t add her to a list of people that have “survived” my unsubbing, but I have no doubt that I’ll be keeping her. She just seems like such a sweet, natural personality. How can I not be drawn to that?!
So far, she’s covered a bit of travel, beauty, and fashion. She also seems to know a lot of other vloggers, so I expect she’ll be doing a lot of collaborations.


Another YT recommendation, I clicked on this channel just for laughs because it was a “Tried and Tested” episodes of weird Asian beauty remedies.
Needless to say, I was sold since the point on and delved into their other segments, such as Budget Barbie, Hack It, and Hype Hunt. The titles are somewhat self explanatory, but if not – just click on the link and give it a go.

Sorted Food

It’s hard to really get into descriptive terms here, because the premise is simple, in my opinion.
Do you like food? Do you like adorable boys? Do you like to laugh? Then just click the damn channel because you’ll get all of that, all the time. The down side is that you’ll be hungry every time. Hopefully, you’ll have the skill to follow along. I don’t! But I love pretending that I’ll actually be taking their lessons to my kitchen one day. (Oh, Ben, I pray… I can’t even boil an egg.)
In the meantime, I’ll be watching adorable boys to fantasize about their… well, honestly, they look like people I would enjoy doing nothing with and eating all their delicious creations while they’re not looking…
YouTube Top 5 2016

Oh, I do this a lot. Too much. Too, too much.

And that’s it!

For now, anyway. Youtube is truly too big of a world for me to ever get to know too well. I chose these channels because I can’t imagine ever unsubbing from them, as much as I’d probably take a few weeks break in between from time to time.
I’m about to go on a vacation soon, so I’ll be taking these guys with me on the down time between museums, strolling, and eating. Since I watch them a lot at home, it’ll be like having a little bit of home with me while I watch them at my AirBnb.

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    Joyce Pak (@thejpak)
    13/09/2016 at 03:56

    Ooh, thanks for sharing these! I can’t believe there is so much I have yet to explore on YT!

    Characters & Carry-ons

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      26/09/2016 at 13:58

      I’ve totally just begun to scratch the tip of the iceberg myself! Let me know if you find anymore that are worth sharing! I love new channels – quite addicting.

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