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I Madonnari Chalk Art Festival | 28 May 2016

I Madonnari is an event that takes place every year. It is a chalk art festival where artists can purchase squares or be sponsored to create chalk art that only lasts for two days. To be specific, the art does not stay. I am not quite clear on whether they just let it fade over time or wash it away after the end of the event. Regardless, that just means you need to go see it before it goes away forever!

There is no entrance fee for those that want to just walk around and see the artwork. Spending is really hard, but if you do, try to go to support the Children’s Creative booths. They ran out of bread for my lunch, but it’s all good for art, right?!

I Madonnari | Chris & I

I Madonnari | Chris & I

I really hadn’t heard much about it until the morning before showing up. My boyfriend often finds interesting events and surprises me with a day trip, so this is exactly what happened that day. All that he told me was to bring my camera.
I Madonnari | Prince

I Madonnari | Prince

I had a lot of footage and a ton of photos, so it was really hard to decide what would end up on the finished video. Now I see what vloggers have to deal with on a continuous basis! I like to write and I don’t know how often I’m gonna deal with videos. It seems to take forever!
I Madonnari | MUSA

I Madonnari | MUSA

There were so many great artists. From a visitor point of view, the event seemed really well organised. The proper areas were sectioned off with easy paths to get from one to another. From the art floor, to the grassy area for food, drinks, and music, to the children’s corner in a secluded, shaded parking lot, it was easy to find your way around.
I Madonnari | Koi

I Madonnari | Koi

One of the best parts for me was that there were real bathrooms available, in additions to port-a-potties.

Check out the video, as it explains it far better than my words could. It’s something I would consider participating in next year!

At the end of the night, we ended up having dinner at Lenny’s Smokehouse in Chatsworth. In my opinion, it’s a total hidden gem as it’s not located in any type of downtown area. It’s actually off in the corner of that city, through some winding roads. It’s a place I now highly recommend, especially if you love barbecue. I do NOT like barbecue at all, but this place is now an exception. They have sold me on it after having not been a fan for so many years. I will say, go with a very empty stomach. If you’re familiar with BBQ places at all, you know that one order can send you right to bed.

It was totally a great day. Nothing else in the weekend topped it, but I’m so glad we got our events out of the way on Saturday, so that the rest of the long weekend was absolute chill time!

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    06/06/2016 at 20:47

    The art made with chalk is amazing, these people are incredibly talented! Fantastic pictures!


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