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Things in LA: Valentine’s Day 2016

Putting aside whether you care about celebrating Valentine’s Day or not, the fact is that events will be happening that you can take advantage of experiencing, no matter what your status is.

I’m not big on celebrating Valentine’s Day, if not just for the reason that I am terrible with dates and have even forgotten my birthday a few times. To be clear, my Valentine’s Day plan involves a slow cooker meal at home and, maybe, some ice cream and a drive around Malibu to enjoy nature in the moonlight. Cheap, easy, no wait times, no valet,  and no prix fixe $$$ menus.

Putting my plans aside, I couldn’t help but research what’s going on that’s cheap or free in Los Angeles for those of us that want to have some fun, but save the big bucks for another time.


  1. Found on WhereLARock & Reilly’s “Shred Your Ex” Party is not making that much of a pun, but I don’t mean to mock it. I thought the idea was hilariously cute, but not for the ex’s whose photos may be involved. According to the website, the idea is to literally bring a photo of your ex to shred, resulting in a free dessert. I can’t see anything unhealthy about this coping option, so print out that Facebook photo that you know you won’t be deleting for a while, and take this first step. Even if it’s just for giggles. Especially, if it’s just for giggles!
    1. R&R Pub: 8911 W. Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 310.360.1400.
  2. Found on LA WeeklyFeel the Burn at Crunch, SoulCycle is much like the above, except with boxing. Let’s hope that your ex isn’t a member of the same gym or has some friends that may also stop in. This Happy Valentine’s punch to the ex’s face event encourages you to bring a photo of your ex to tape up on the punching bag, all for the joy of practicing those jabs and uppers right where it belongs.
    1. Crunch Fitness: various locations. “Crunch class is free for members and non-members; space is limited.”
  3. Found on EyeSpyLA: Love – Valentines – Couples Nude Resort and Tandem Massage and Sexy DJ Dance Lingerie Event is a total mouthful, but very eye catching. Dancing, drinking, a lingerie parade with some sex costumes, and you’ve got yourself a party. This is probably more unique to me than it is to others. I’ve lived a very sheltered life and I didn’t know this could be a thing. (How could I not have? Oy.) According to Eye Spy, reader discount is always $10. I was not clear on whether the price would be $10 or if $10 would be deducted from the amount. Honestly, I didn’t bother to check because the site refused to load for me…I just had to include this.
    1. Sea Mountain Spa Resort, Inland Empire, CA
  4. Found on Topanga MessengerAdopt a Shelter Sweetheart for Valentine’s Day is probably the best thing you can do to find love. I’d also have to say it’s money well spent. Valentine jokes aside, let me point out that this would be, indeed, a love for life so make sure that you’re ready for a commitment. Do your dog breed research, but be open to fall in love with an unlikely match. For better or worse, til death do you part, I highly encourage you to check out a shelter as a couple or on your own to adopt a new family member. Or, feel free to foster!
    1. The Pet Care Foundation and LA Animal Services: Various locations

I hope everyone has a great weekend, Valentine or not. Spend it doing whatever makes you happy!

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