The Christmas Movies I HAVE to Watch Every Year

Just like anyone, I have my own traditions. Totally my own because no one is really required to play along with these celebrations but myself. I probably prefer being alone! 

I watch these 3 movies every year. It’s part of what makes the holidays for me. Back in the day, this would be celebrated with a lot of junk food, but these days… It’s done with a glass of wine and cosy pyjamas.

The Santa Clause

The Santa Clause: I feel like this is already so well known and popular, especially for 80’s and 90’s kids. We grew up with Tim Allen and was a second father to us with his loveable messed up characters. BUT, if you don’t know, this is a Disney movie – a certified kid’s movie, and it’s probably the safest bet out of my top 3, when it comes to family viewing. 

In this movie, Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) has an accident that causes him to become the next Santa Claus. As an adult, he no longer believes in it, but plays along for the sake of his son, who he feels is growing up too fast. In doing so, he ends up in a binding contract to be the replacement, and has one year to leave his life behind.

BONUS: I love all the explanations on how Santa does what he does.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: I realise that Chevy Chase is not everyone’s favourite. Actually, there is a very small set of people I know that actually appreciate his humour, so… This may not be for everyone. But I’d really like to encourage giving it a shot.

Like all of his National Lampoon’s series, Chevy Chase is trying to bring his family together by forcing them to do all the family things they really would rather avoid, making everyone miserable, and causing chaos and destruction in the process.

I can’t recall completely – I haven’t watched it this year yet – but I do know that some humour isn’t meant for kids. And some moments I think are completely relatable to kids who are being dragged along by their parents during the holidays.

The Ref

The Ref: This was an unexpected love for me. I don’t really know Dennis Leary. Actually, this is the only thing I’ve seen where he’s the main player. (I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him as a supporting cast in other movies.) So, I don’t know too much about whether this is his type of humour or just a movie he took part in. 

Dennis Leary is a career burglar trying to get away from the cops in a small town. He ends up taking a couple with marriage problems as hostages to help hide him away in their home. They end up driving him crazy and that’s pretty much where all the fun is.

This is mainly amusing to me in watching how a failing family is suddenly forced to put up with each other and let out all their frustrations from the pressure of the holiday season, a possible divorce, and the stress of being held hostage together with no escape. It pushes all the characters in a corner where they end up really telling everyone what they think of them. Including the in-laws.

So, I’ve gotten 2 out of 3 done… And I’m sure planning on re-watching them again on a quiet night, cuddled up in a comfortable, and holding a glass of wine.
Any other self-made traditions or movie-musts that you could recommend?

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