Why I’m Not a Lifestyle Blogger

Lifestyle Blogging vs. Just Blogging

When I came back to blogging, I decided on lifestyle blogs. I honestly didn’t know what I was going to do with myself. All I knew was that I missed blogging. It had done so much for my sanity (which is not to say it saved it) and did so much to ease any burden on my heart. I loved having met the people that still are a part of my life, through blogging. I missed the community. I missed my diary.

These days, blogs have a niche, even when it’s as vague as “lifestyle” blogging. I still visit a few blogs and all have their niche. They may call themselves lifestyle, but you know upon visiting whether their main focus is fashion, beauty, or travel, even if they stray into a few other topics once in a while. Before I even began my first post, I started to think… Who am I? What’s my niche? Why am I here and who am I trying to reach?

The reality is that I have no idea who I am. I have ideas of pieces of who I may be. I am also so varied right now that I cannot even consider lifestyle as my niche because I have nothing to offer to enlighten you on how to pair up denim shorts with unique scarves, DIY your own headband, or make homemade tea essence sprays. I don’t really want to reach fashionistas, vegans, beauty gurus, or travellers in particular.

What I want… is to share. I want to just journal and throw my thoughts out there in the universe (via internet) and see where it lands. Years ago, I landed in the web laps of Luana, Heartsnatcher, Helga, and Jesstify, people who I still follow today for almost/over a decade.

The Beginning

I realised that I wanted to fit into the lifestyle category when I first started not just because it was popular, seemingly easy, and encompassed so many categories that you’re free to skip around topics at your whim. I wanted to use the lifestyle category as my armour. Growing up and getting older has made me more cautious about being so transparent in my blogging. My soul used to be so bared to the masses and my writing to unabashedly free. It’s grown away from that and I really would like to come back to it again.

I remember when the internet was still new and scary to the world, mostly to our parents – afraid of what we’d do and who we’d meet. The internet has gotten much more user friendly and has opened its arms, extending all the way to the Facebook accounts of our grandparents. It might seem counter-intuitive that this is when I find the internet scariest of all. Long ago, we were a small community of people who braved the new world and understood why we were all here. For the most part, we respected each others privacies while we opened our doors, quite literally, to each other online.

The Fear

Now, the world is online. People get fired for a tweet or your boss can find out you were actually at Disneyland and not sick last week by a facebook post on a mutual friend’s wall. One click and everyone could know too much about you, people that don’t have the mutual respect that another blogger would about how difficult yet freeing it is to tell the internet about your bad day.

Sleeping Lifestyle

Just the thought of being a lifestyle blogger exhausts me. I can’t do it, Cap!

The Blog

Let’s just say, my blog is a curated journal. It won’t be a lifestyle or travel journal. Sure, I’ll continue share my travels, like to San Clemente or Santa Barbara. And I’ll still share tiny things like my friend’s Tea Party. Those were all my normal things. But, I’m not a lifelong reviewer and I can only tell you so much about what I think of businesses like Le Tote, unless I was so giddy or angry about it.

My honest opinion is that if this blog does grow, it’ll grow to promote a few charities of my choosing (most likely involving animals, like my Yoshi), while still maintaining the personal aspect. I could try and compete with the lifestyle blogs out there. Maybe not even compete, but join… But… I tried it. It’s just not in my heart. My posts became uniform, sanitized, and disinfected. My blog is a personal blog. My niche is me because that’s the closest I’ll get to being an expert on anything. I’m here to share my life experiences and I’m trying to reach whoever out there would be cool to have coffee, stare out the window, and people watch with.

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