Hollywood Deconstructed: You Must Remember This Podcast by Karina Longworth

This isn’t at all a review…

Keep in mind that I’m no expert. How can I possibly review this with clarity? This is strictly a listener commenting on a podcast. I will say that coming upon You Must Remember This has been one of the biggest highlights of my work day.

The show is hosted and run by Karina Longworth, a person who has had a successful history and career dealing with films. Of what I’d read about her, she seems extremely passionate about movies and history and is quite knowledgable. If this podcast is any indications for her skills , if there is something she didn’t know about, she surely knows where to find even the most obscure facts and details in history.

Still, I wasn’t completely sold on the podcast yet. True, I was completely drawn in by the stories. I mean, this was all about Hollywood. Where else, except the movies it churns out, can you find so much drama in such a small circle?


You Must Remember This

Listening to Karina Longworth all day.

I wanted to do some research. I had some hang ups and I wanted to know if I was the only one who had certain opinions that held me back from diving not headfirst into the feed. Of course, the Internet delivered. If anyone has any complaint about something, it’s as easy as one Google away.

The Negative Parts

I took some time to read some of the reviews as I was curious about what others thought of the podcast as well as the hostess, herself. I was, to be  honest, fascinated by her voice and also slightly put off by it. There’s particularly two key points from other reviews that stood out to me:

Debatable accents and acting

Those aren’t really my words, but I am paraphrasing a few reviews put together. I also don’t disagree with those comments. While listening to my first podcast, I actually wasn’t sure how I felt about some of the accents. They just threw me off guard.

While I did consider the fact that Karina would sure know more about it than I would, I couldn’t help that I didn’t like some of the accents. I have no idea wheather they were accurate or done badly. I just know I didn’t like some of them, whether it was Karina or one of her guest voice actors.
Does this mean I want the acting and the accents to stop? In the end… No. I really think that it brings a lot to the story telling, whether I like an accent or not. After binge listening to many of the podcasts, I realized that it might not be Karina or the other actors that I really didn’t like, but just the specific accents at times. I liked some just fine.

Karina Longworth sounds uppity

I also have to admit that I felt this way after listening to a few episodes. There was nothing about what she said in any of the podcasts that gave me this impression. It was just… listening to it. Although she does specify in every episode that it was written, edited, and researched by herself. Is that really enough to make her sound conceited? Well, that couldn’t be the only thing, right? After all, she did all that work, why shouldn’t she credit herself?

And then… I listened to a podcast that was just her answering questions. That was when I got to hear Karina Longworth as if you happened to join in on her table on a coffee meet up. She was .. enjoyable to listen to. Her voice was friendly, yet alert and powerful. The type of girl I could listen to all day because she knew so much, but didn’t sound preachy about it. I heard herself come out in that episode a little and I realized then that I was judging on the drama she gave to her voice acting in order to put you into the story. That wasn’t her normal speaking voice, to some degree. That was acting, and I guess then I’d have to say, she did it well.

You Must Remember This Itunes

You Must Remember This, by Karina Longworth on iTunes

All in all, the two biggest possible complaints I had above at some points in my listening never stopped me from taking in more. I learned what you could gain by hanging on just a little longer.

Now that the negative is out of the way, let me tell you what I really think of this podcast.

The Final Ruling

You Must Remember This, hosted by Karina Longworth, is a beautifully crafted podcast designed to take you back in time and humanize Hollywood Glamour, for better or for worse. You walk a lot of paths from Frank Sinatra to Marilyn Monroe to Charles Manson and you learn how they were people and maybe you meet their demons.

You learn who they were and where they came from. You walk with them through the struggles in stardom, crushed spirits, granted wishes, and gilded cages. You learn that Hollywood is even less than what it’s cracked up to be, regardless of how many eyes twinkle at “what once was.” You also learn that in the horror, there is the beauty. There are many great ways that Hollywood has changed and in some ways has stayed the same. It will make you want to sit for hours and listen to Karina take you back into a time when the stars were unreachable, unlike today’s days of Snapchat and Instagram (though, no complaints here).

The negative sure took a lot more space of this blog than the positive did, but that’s because the negative required some deconstructing. I feel like the positives really outshine what could be a cause for others to unsubscribe.

Me? I’ll think I’ll be listening to this until the end of the podcast’s life. It has shown me so much and reignited my Netflix queue back into the golden age. Karina resurrects what could easily be the forgotten, except for those with passions and careers in film, and made their stars shine bright again.

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