Le Tote Clothing Subscription Review

How I got into Le Tote:

I had just moved into a new place and I wanted to really pare down my wardrobe. I noticed that I had a lot of things I liked, but not many things that paired together. I had a lot of one-off’s that only went with a particular type of outfit. Most commonly: paired with jeans and some booties. I was getting tired of the same old look with a much-too-big wardrobe.

Comparatively, I have a much smaller wardrobe than some Youtubers I’ve seen online. So, I really shouldn’t feel so bad that I take up just a bit less than half the closet at home. Still, it doesn’t satisfy me and it does bother me that I have a favourite top that I can only wear one way, because I didn’t shop for the right coordinating pieces.

I needed to pare down my wardrobe and reconnect with what I need it to fulfill.

Also, I got an email coupon that gave me my 1st month for $15 (vs $60). Woot!

Signing up:

Le Tote sign up was very easy. I used Facebook to log in. I filled out a small questionnaire on my sizing, styling preferences, and what I want to see.
To be honest, I’m not sure how much any of these factor in to the results I receive. I assume they only show me items that are available in my size. However, they also ask me my body shape and certain measurements. Yet, I don’t think anyone would look at any of the clothing to be sent to me and suggest something else because it won’t go with my body shape or just isn’t right for my size. More on that later.

As stated above, the membership is $60/month. In that month, you’ll get as much clothing as you can ship back out to them. Generally, you’ll receive 3pcs clothing and 2pcs accessories in one package. For example: 1 dress, 1 blazer, 1 top, 1 bracelet, 1 purse. Alternatively, 3 tops, 1 necklace, 1 earring. It mainly depends on what’s in your closet, which I’ll cover next.

You can keep the items and wear them as much and for as long as you want, with the monthly membership. Once you return a package, they will prepare your next one.

Very Important Note:

If you really like a few items from a package, you cannot send part of the package back and expect to be able to wear the items you kept without paying to purchase them, even if you are paying monthly. You have to send back the whole package or you will get charged for the pieces that aren’t returned.

If you really like something, but are iffy on purchasing it right away and would like to continue receiving new packages of clothing, I suggest returning the item, then requesting for it again. I’ve done this with one of my favourite Le Tote purses that I couldn’t yet justify buying.

Le Tote Fringe Purse

Le Tote Fringe Purse

Your “Closet”:

This is a collection of all the items that you’ve marked with a heart. You can easily search by category: tops, sweaters, bottoms, handbags, accessories… Mark everything you like with a heart and it will go into your closet. When the time comes to send you your Le Tote package, you’ll get a notification (if you requested) that your tote is ready to be customised. From what I see, your package is generated at random based on the items you’ve put into your closet. It is at this point that you can swap items yourself, if you don’t like the choices. This is particularly handy if you have a specific event you’d like to wear a specific outfit to.

My tips on your Le Tote closet:

  • Mark something with a heart, even if you’re iffy. This is a clothing subscription that allows you to wear test the clothing out into your real world. Yes, YOUR real world. What clothing is perfect for one’s lifestyle is not always so for others. Take advantage and try things you wouldn’t normally purchase. I’ve found some interestingly “me” items this way.
  • WEAR the clothing. Don’t just look at it when you receive it. Wear it to work, wear it to dinner. I’ve had some buyer’s remorse in years past when something was perfect for about 20 minutes, then I realised how itchy and uncomfortable it got beyond that. In stores, you really only try things on for less than 5 minutes, so it’s hardly a test of time. This is one of my biggest pros to Le Tote.
  • Try it with various outfits to make sure that it works for multiple items in your closet. One-offs are no bueno.
Le Tote Dolman Top

Le Tote Dolman Top

Receiving and Sending

This has been pretty much explained above, but I didn’t want to just ignore it as a point of note.

You receive your package, open it up, and try all your stuff on. You can do it all at once or as you go about your next few days. There’s no due date to send it back, so long as you pay your monthly dues.

They do include a prepaid envelope for sending items back. Once you’re ready, pack them all up and send back. Tada! No need to wash or clean, they’ll hand that for you. Just don’t get abusive, or they will (and should) charge you for damaged goods. That’s obvious, right?

Remember that any item you leave out of the package will be considered as something you wish to purchase, so take extra care to inventory what you put in. On that note….

Customer Service

My friend ended up cancelling her account after her 1st month because she wasn’t happy with the sizing. She said that she was quite happy with the customer service who made cancelling easy for her.

For myself, I have two experiences with customer service.

  • I was charged for a ring that I returned. (Let’s reflect back on why I take conscious inventory of what I put in the package.) Customer service was so pleasant about this situation and remedied my account in a few minutes, while giving me a $10 credit for my troubles! Thanks!
  • I wanted to cancel my account because I didn’t have any use for the service at the time. I did know that I would be planning on signing up again once I get my closet under control. Well, customer service was able to put my account on hold for 6 months so that I didn’t cancel and lose my credit or start over on my closet. Great! They said if I needed to extend it, I can call back to do so. Or, I can reactivate earlier. Easy peasy!

Overall Reaction

Le Tote is definitely a service I’m loving. The price is higher than others I’ve looked at, but the perks of it really ties into my problems with commitment. Sure, I’d need to be committed to the service, but I can have a revolving closet of items without have to keep each one, feeling like I didn’t get full use for the price. That is how I ended up with an overloaded closet. Now, I can just set up my closet for my best and favourite basics and use Le Tote to try out something new.

Also, it helps that I can put my account on hold. It’s just that one has to take the time to call. You can’t just do it from the app (at the time of my call). Currently, my account is still on hold, so I cannot confirm if this is still the case. Sometimes, I’m just need feeling their selections and don’t want anything. So, I’d probably put it on hold for a few months and come back after they’ve had some time to replenish with some new items.

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