Instagram Stories vs Snapchat

I’m an avid Snapchat user. Before that, I was a big Instagram user. That’s not to say I liked one more than the other, because they were two different animals to me. I used Instagram for thought out, photoshopped pictures. As in, I took the time to fix the shadows, the lighting, and blemishes… Making a faux fancy photo shoot out of the ordeal. Snapchat was something I used for all the moments in between: my fast food breakfast, a broken nail, and complaining about the excel sheets at work to my boss.

I think it’s pretty obvious that Instagram Stories is a rip off of Snapchat. I’m not the first one to say so. I’m not angry at it, either. I really enjoy Snapchat, but I don’t like having multiple apps when I can have one. Multiple accounts when I can have one. Multiple feeds to check when I can have just one.

I think Instagram Stories has some promise. With some additions, I can see myself migrating over completely. Here are just a few things I’m still looking for before I make any switch completely:

  • Slow connection: Right now, I’m having a really slow experience with IG Stories. A lot of stories will just black out mid-stream, or fail to load at all, causing an endless loop of a swirling “loading” situation to happen, unendingly. I would have to exit the whole application and reload again before I can continue forward.
  • Sound: I can’t find if this setting is something that exists or not, but I’d like the option to take sound out of my IG Stories, like I do on Snapchat. (I mean, if you’re trying to replace Snapchat, don’t forget some nice touches.)
  • Stickers: I really like the snapchat stickers and emojis. I also love that I can use my Bitmoji in snapchat. It just adds to the fun for me. I could be wrong, but I tried this on Instagram Stories and it was not something available to me.
  • Geotag Filters: This, too. I find it really fun to have and found that it wasn’t something they offered. Let me know if I’m mistaken.
  • Font Colors: Because sometimes, it’s hard to read white on…. White. Or grey. Or cream. Or Eggshell. Visibility is good.
  • Privacy Settings: I like the control I have on snapchat on who can see my feed. Anyone can follow me, but can only really see my snaps if I add them back. Instagram Stories seems to let anyone see your feed (unless you’ve already set the whole thing to private, possibly?) and will only allow me to block existing followers. I really like having my IG as public, but I don’t feel the same way about my Stories. Separating their privacy settings from each other would be great.
  • Downloading full stories: I love that I can download my whole day’s work of Snapchat stories at the end of the night (or even individual ones) to keep memories of my day. I back it up on Google photos. Instagram Stories doesn’t have this feature, so it makes me sad to lose my stories.

Few things that I do like on Instagram Stories over Snapchat:

  • The orientation: Because there are no sticker/location filters, my stories don’t get forced into a vertical orientation like it does on Snapchat. Sure, I can simply just not use the filters at all, but they’re fun and I like them. So, I suck it up and use the vertical orientation. But because IG does not have those features, I can have the orientation on landscape consistently and not have to make anyone keep turning their heads from one snap to another. So, IG, please make your filters have optional orientations.
  • Highlighter BEHIND text: Always a good thing. I am guessing that this is where they hope to solve the White text visibility issue. Still, options are nice, but I do love this. (I can’t recall if Snapchat does this or not. I remember being frustrated by it on Snapchat…)
  • Multiple lines of text!!! Yes.

In the meantime, I still use both and am pretty happy with either one. I’m not saying that IG Stories is completely useless without the same perks as snapchat. I do like this feature. These are just the things I miss from Snapchat that would keep me from migrating completely.

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    25/08/2016 at 8:48 AM

    Not a massive fan of IG stories tbh I think SC already does the perfect job!

    • Reply
      27/08/2016 at 3:21 AM

      I agree! I tried Instagram stories a bit more after this post and just didn’t find myself to be a fan. It gave me no reason to switch.

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