Take Me Home Tonight: I Took Them All! (Foster & Adopt)

I’m new to all this. I’m not sure what technically counts as a rescue and where the grey line between “adopt” and “given/taken” is. So, let’s start with how I got my 3 little raptors:

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 11.39.31 PMJazz (tri-colored grey tabby) – He was peddled to me by a coworker who’s cat had a litter, begging me to adopt. When I finally gave in, he showed me a picture and promised me the adorable, fluffy, solid grey kitten, sleeping in the photo. The other kitten was cute, too, but not as fluffy, awake and had seemingly constantly watchful eyes. A mistake was made, and I ended up with the non-solid grey kitten, but the suspicious-paranoid, watchful kitten. I was so scared. I’d never had a pet before. At all. Not even a plant. He could probably tell and was afraid of me. He didn’t leave his crate for 3 days. Now, he’s sitting here on my bed, getting ready to sleep by my feet. 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 11.39.46 PMTigger (garfield tabby)- Months after Jazz and I had finally become friends, another coworker peddled me yet another cat to adopt. I firmly said no. I was amazed that Jazz was alive and well and I couldn’t have another pet in my studio apartment. For two weeks, she constantly came after me, telling me how cute this kitten in need was. He was found with his sister in her friend’s backyard – abandoned from the litter, possibly. Sister already had a home waiting. My coworker begged to show me a photo of this adorable kitten. What photo I received was some frazzled, psychopath of a kitten that looked like he got an eye twitch from seeing his milk bottle. I said yes, immediately. This kook belonged in my home. He is now my constant bed companion. Occasionally, I wake up with his butt in my face. It is the perfect pillow.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 11.39.59 PMYoshi (unknown mixed black chi)- All my babies seem to just be a twist of fate. I was at work, meaning to check a message on my cellphone when I accidentally hit instagram. Up popped a picture of this skinny, squinting, runt of a dog who reminded me of Mr. Burns (The Simpsons). He was found wandering into an Elementary school by students. The teacher posted for immediate help – the school was about to call animal control – and something made me comment, to say I’d foster him. I couldn’t let him just be taken. It didn’t take long for me to be a foster fail and adopt him, too. Yoshi is now mine. He and Tigger fight for bed position all the time.


With that in mind, I learned a lot about loving others by having these monsters. Yes, I got two for absolutely free, but I adopted one from a Pickle Pants Rescue. He was worth every penny and so was that rescue. These people do so much to help save these lives that most equate to material ownership. They deserve the money they require for the adoption fee.

What I would like to do with this new blog post category is to feature lives in need of a foster or adoption. It’ll be hard to choose just one and not post every hour. There are a lot that need immediate rescue. One life is not better than another. Still, I am one of many. I just hope I can add to the fight.

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