WhoIs ThatDamnHoney

My name is Honey

I like long walks on the beach. I really, do. That is, until my calf starts to cramp. Which may be sooner than I think, because I’m not the fittest person in the room. In any room.

I work in fashion

It’s not glamorous at all, which is why I blog. I have to create something, somewhere. No matter how miniscule.

I previously had a consistent string of websites and domains from 1999 until 2009

It’s been many years since I’ve had a blog. Somewhere along the line, I stopped writing. I grew up and got more private about my life. But, hey, who knew! I grew up some more and realised I didn’t give a shit what most thought about my life, but still wanted to share it anyway.

This isn’t a fashion, travel, lifestyle, or DIY blog. It’s just my own personal reality show. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sometimes, I go out and do stuff. Sometimes, I have little confessionals. Sometimes, there may be commercials, if I like them. I will probably never post on a consistent scheduled basis. I’ll post if there’s something post. Try as I might, in reality… My life doesn’t happen on schedule. At least, not my own.

I’ve met many amazing people from the domain scene (yeah, it was a “scene,”) way back when it was more online diary vs categorized blogging. I was blessed to meet photographers, models, writers, artists, and beautiful souls during my time as a blogger. Many of whom I still keep in touch with now. Hopefully, I will continue to be so fortunate.

-That Damn Honey

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